Solid Core Heavy Metal Anal Plug Set

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Top quality for your Anal Submission. You have seen these products before however there are some important differences. Most of the time, you will find this product sold with a hollow core. We only carry the full core product at Wicked Daddy Academy - and you will feel the difference in your training. These weigh on the average 3 TIMES that of what you would typically find - meaning the sub will have a better reminder of it's purpose.

Dimensions and weights:

The small plug is 2.75 inches in length, where 2.4 inches will rest when in place. The width of the bulb is .75 inches with the inserted neck only .75cm thick.  The hollow core ones you'll find everywhere are only 55 grams in weight, where ours weigh in at 140 grams (a little over 0.3 lbs.)

The medium plug is 3.2 inches in length, where 2.9 inches will rest when in place. The width of the bulb is just shy of 1.4 inches with the inserted neck a full centimeter thick. Hollow core versions sold  weigh a measly 92 grams where these weigh a wonderful 265 grams (.58 lbs)

The large graduated plug is 3.6 inches in length, where 3 1/3 inches will rest when in place. The bulb is a splendid 1.6 inches in width with the inserted neck 1 1/3 CM. The hollow cored versions you'll find commonly sold weigh in at a pitiful 160 grams where our graduated trainer is a substantial 450 grams (~1 lb).

Materials: Brushed Aluminum exterior filled with solid core iron.

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