Who is Wicked Daddy and Crew?

The idea of the Academy may have started with Wicked Daddy, but the investment and the effort to make it a reality involved many many more. It has been a two year effort before we finally opened the store mid of Dec 2017. Along the way the contribution to make this a reality involved hundreds of amazing wonderful people who all feel this mission is a "must have" for all of our sakes.

Today the operational functional crew of WDA consists of about 30 people. Ranging from those that manage the social media and marketing, to the artisans working on the next lines of products, to our incredible models and creative crews for photography to hair and makeup, to those that handle all of the day to day shipping and customer service. We also have our event coordinators and sales arm, our writers and content creators, as well as the "glue" that we get from our insanely organized project coordinators. Of ALL of us - we are from the communities and of the communities that we so love and support.

Our Extended family is even more extensive. This consists of all of those that are part of our discovery events and meetups (ie our Test Marketers and sources of input), Our friends at all of the venues and events that we are invited to, Our influencers, and the businesses that support us from legal to payroll to accounting to SEO, from manufacturers to shipping logistics.

The final member of this family is YOU. You are the ones we are trying to bring into this mission and whom we are most trying to help. You are scattered all over the world, too difficult to give each and everyone of you a hug in person and to help take your current toy collection (and future planned needs) and provide the education on how to find it better, use it better, avoid the junk, and save your money so you can get even more toys.

Without a single hesitation I can tell you that the number of times our "business" has been "evaluated" (to be only told how to "make a ton" with a few tweaks) has been repulsively ridiculous, as following such advice may be profitable but isn't why this is our holy war to begin with. We here all know very well that this is a mission of Education (which makes it much harder than just selling toys to the masses). 

We hope to reach you. We hope to make your world better. We hope to work our tails off to continually refine and improve and get better at bring that education and finally the right toys to each of you (With a Wicked smile as well, we hope).

A big key is two way communication. Here is my personal blog - WickedDaddyBlog.com. Please, if ever ANY feedback on the mission, the store, the products, or whatever you wish to see next - my direct and personal mail is WickedDaddy@WickedDaddyAcademy.com - Don't hesitate - please reach out.