What is Wicked Daddy Academy?

First Off, Welcome

Wicked Daddy Academy is as much of a store as it is a mission

We exists solely to combat a growing need in our communities that has been building for quite some time and this is now our mission to address it

We are here to bring forth quality, great sex toys - and do so without the insane markups common for our industry. 

How do we do this? We tackle this in 4 ways

1) We CURATE the products that already exist and find those that are good enough to offer. Over the last two years we have samples hundreds if not thousands fo toys from all over the world. 95% of them fail to meet "Good" criteria. of the remaining 5%, we take the best and bring them here.

2) We INNOVATE upon those toys samples that were "good", but needed just a few tweaks to make them "Awesome". When that happens we go about finding either the existing manufacturer or source another and make the necessary adjustments to the design/materials/safety/aesthetics. It is typically a many month adventure but once we know we have it "right", we bring it to the store.

3) We CREATE new toys. Our immediate family here at WDA as well as our extended family is comprised of dozens within our community. We host events and get togethers and talk about what is missing as far as toys for all of us, and then we leverage our artisans and manufacturers and go about inventing. This process can span many months or, so far and in two cases, spanned over a year. 

4) CUSTOM Toys - Wicked Daddy Customs so far are exclusively hand-made. These are toys and gear that our communities are already paying exorberent dollars for, we just want to make them as good (or better), but offer at a better cost.

Welcome to Wicked Daddy Academy, we are pleased you found us!