Our Mission - Wicked Daddy Academy

Hello Everyone,

For myself, I've had a wonderful life filled with the joys of many wicked  pleasures. I've been around quite awhile - more often being the "DIY Dom" Blogger or speaker - and now, at the urging (and funding) of friends, am coming to you at a time when the world of sex toys has become insanely saturated with... well.....crap. Now, maybe it was that my friends felt I was uniquely suited to help combat this (or maybe they just wanted me to stop bitchin' about it), but here we are, officially launched as of December 2017.

Over the last (almost) two years I have used my special Autistic and OCD brain to delve into the sex toy industry on a global scale. From attending trade shows to visiting manufacturers to working with skilled artisans of hand-crafted products, I wanted to absorb all the nuances I could. Much of that journey confirmed my suspicions. Most of the toys readily available are made overseas, have few controls or standards in place, and are produced by those who don't actually use them. And, worst of all, the seller pockets an astronomical profit for peddling this junk to us.

To say that I've procured hundreds of toys from dozens upon dozens of manufacturers across the globe would be a serious understatement. Prior to launching, both myself and my trusted friends managed this valuable research and evaluated every single one. Our assessment? Fewer than 5% of what is readily available is any good, and another 10% is "okay" but had room to become better, more fulfilling, and safer. 

A little over a year ago, I started working with manufacturers to improve products while also delving into the world of creating products from scratch. While we had a few amazing wins, I must confess the failures proved more valuable than anything else. Expanding our circles of testing across the communities, listening to feedback, hearing wishes and desires, and then taking on the (often costly) reiterations of continuous improvement has brought us to the here and now.

What I offer you now is four approaches toward the Wicked Daddy philosophy and products, with an additional mission that might just surprise you.

1) Curated Products: We offer the best of what we could find, the products that meet all the highest standards of quality, safety, and fulfillment.

2) Variants & Improvements: These are products that need tweaking, for one or more of the same elements of quality, safety, fulfillment, and even aesthetics.

3) Custom Products: These are items that we all agreed we really wanted or needed that didn't exist on the market.

4) Hand Made: There are just some toys that truly require this level of quality control, whether specific twirls of glass, molding of leather, or wood.

And what about that mission I mentioned? Whether this is your first search for sex toys or you've got a carefully curated collection, here's the one thing that might blow your mind.

Wicked Daddy offers reasonable pricing. In other words, we're not going to bump up the price of your products by the typical 10x, 20x, or even, in some cases, 40 fold markups most retailers in this space seem so fond of. Please compare the prices and the quality and provide feedback. I think we have something special here and we hope to become your first source for toys.

I humbly thank you with all my heart for joining me on this adventure

Please follow the background, the journey, and the behind-the-scenes insights at my personal blog: WickedDaddyBlog.com.

Be wicked,

- Wicked Daddy

Any questions? Contact me directly; I will always respond.