NEW: WD's Wicked Restraint Bundle!

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Our second of three new bundles available this holiday season, this kit is excellent for those just diving into the bondage scene or those who are experienced but want to round out their collection with some high-quality basics.

Order quick: This bundle is only available through December 15th, and has guaranteed Christmas shipping within the US!

Included in this bundle is:

  • 15ft Shibari Rope
  • 30ft Shibari Rope
  • Red or black Non-Sticky/Anti-Static Bondage Tape
  • Black or Pink Link and Leather Restraint Set (Collar, Wrist Restraints, and Ankle Restraints)

 Bonus: If you buy this bundle, you can get our Premium Leather Whip half off at $40!



Shibari Rope: 15ft and 30ft segments with a diameter of approximately 1.5cm.

Non-Sticky/Anti-Static Bondage Tape: 5cm wide and 15m in length

Collar22.5x1.5" and fits neck circumference of 13.5-19"

Wrist Restraints: 11.5x1.5" and fits a wrist circumference of 6.5-9.5"

Ankle Restraints: 14x1.5" and fits an ankle circumference of 8-12"


15ft Shibari Rope: 3.4oz (while coiled)

30ft Shibari Rope: 6.9oz (while coiled)

Non-Sticky/Anti-Static Bondage Tape: 4.3oz

Collar: 7.9oz

Wrist Restraints: 3.4oz (single cuff)/7.6oz (two cuffs+chain)

Ankle Restraints: 4.35oz (single cuff)/9.5oz (two cuffs+chain)


15ft Shibari Rope: 100% Hemp

30ft Shibari Rope: 100% Hemp

Non-Sticky/Anti-Static Bondage Tape: Non-Latex Tape

Link and Leather Restraint Set: Metal and Leather Weave