NEW: WD's Impish Impact Bundle!

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The third of three new bundles available this holiday season, fulfill your fantasies with this devious impact-play bundle. This kit is perfect for those who want to begin their pleasureful, pain-inducing journey to a very wicked life, or those looking to round out their already existing collection with some standard, but high-quality basics.

Order quick: This bundle is only available through December 15th, and has guaranteed Christmas shipping within the US!

Included in this bundle is:

  • Traditional Black Flogger, which has a beautiful basket-weave handle
  • Red-Wrapped Flogger
  • Mini Black-Wrapped Flogger
  • Red or Black-Handled Multi-Reed Rattan Cane composed of eight 1/4" rattan canes bundled together
  • Basic Black Paddle 

Bonus: If you buy this bundle, you can get our Premium Leather Whip half off at $40!



Traditional Black Flogger: Total length 28.5", handle length 9", handle circumference 3.5", tail length 19.5"

Red-Wrapped Flogger: Total length 25", handle length 6", handle circumference 3.5-4" (handle is slightly hourglass-shaped), tail length 19"

Mini Black-Wrapped Flogger: Total length 13", handle length 4.5", handle circumference 2", tail length 8.5"

Multi-Reed Rattan Cane: Total length 23.5", handle length 6.25", handle circumference 3", tail length 17.25"

Basic Black Paddle: total length 12.5"


Traditional Black Flogger: 8.4oz

Red-Wrapped Flogger: 6.0oz

Mini Black-Wrapped Flogger: 1.0oz

Multi-Reed Rattan Cane: 2.5oz

Basic Black Paddle: 2.5oz


Traditional Black Flogger: Faux leather

Red-Wrapped Flogger: Faux leather with two metal studs

Mini Black-Wrapped Flogger: Faux leather

Multi-Reed Rattan Cane: Wood rattans wrapped in faux leather

Basic Black Paddle: Faux leather with single metal grommet