To REALLY know what SexToysReimagined is all about .....

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To REALLY know what SexToysReimagined is all about .....

Hello Friends (If I may so bold to assume),

There is a LOT of backstory to this adventure, being trying my damn best to bring quality and fulfilling toys to everyone without the BS "Guilt Tax" markups we all face with most toys. 

It was recently suggested that I need to start adding in my blog posts into the store versus just on my personal blog of You see - there is a LOT to know about why this store exists.

First off - it was never really a goal to own a sex toy shop. I am semi-retired - and had a wonderful few decades of much enjoyment in all sorts of fetishes and kinks.

For the last 2 decades I have had 4-5 blogs as the "DIY Dom" - helping debunk crap toys out there and offer alternatives. Usually the alternatives were focused on how to save your money, don't buy something that doesn't work, and get/make this instead. It got fairly good attention and I found myself at many events and in some cases being asked to do custom events and speaking as well. 

The last two years I started delving into the world of the current market. From my research (something I am great at being autistic with OCD lol), I learned SO friggin much about how we as consumers find, and buy toys. The results of "looking under the hood" of this multi billion dollar industry quite frankly disappointed me SO much that I wanted to do something. It was the urging of those that know me best (and for their investments) that I started this mission.

It has NOT been as easy as one might think - but here we are. I am curating the best stuff I can (and offering to people far less than most). I am finding manufacturers of "Decent" stuff and having them improve it upon MY designs (influenced by input from all of you). In some cases I go through up to 9 revisions until we get it *Just Right* so I can turn around and offer it. I also get the wonderful joy of making new stuff - toys from my dreams and experiences, or even just being able to do new toys with Extreme quality - but do so without the Extreme pricing. 

This isn't a dream to become the sex toy king of the world, or even to become a sex toy mogul, this is a dream to make sex positive, quality, and frickin AWESOME toys that are fulfilling (and very important, aren't raping people with markups). 

Every damn analyst who has looked at my business keeps telling me I will sell more if I raise the pricing to industry norms and with lower pricing people are shying away from it. I say now, as I have said before, and will continue to say - THAT thinking is the BS I am trying to fix. They are right to a degree - I tried a sample site a few months back with higher prices. I "surprised" my customers when I fulfilled their orders and gave them 50% refunds. It is so damn sad that we are all conditioned to this state. That experience ALSO told me that THIS is what I want.

I hope to earn you as a customer with phenomenal product and great pricing. I hope you tell every friend you can. I will start blogging here - but also check out my personal blog if you can.

Love to All,

-Wicked Daddy