5 months into this mission - looking good

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5 months into this mission - looking good

Hi Everyone

First off - Thank you so much for visiting the store and for supporting the mission. I have a few things to discuss as well as announce.

5 months since open as of today. When we finally opened our online doors on Dec 13th it was after quite a few trials and tribulations. I am ever so proud of the teams here to adapt and overcome and to finally launch.

Here is what I have personally learned in the last 5 months.

Where we are succeeding - sales and feedback direct from customers has been overwhelmingly positive. The extra effort and time (and costs) put into curating, improving, or creating these toys has resulted in exceeding our goaled customer service benchmarks as well as falling way below e-tail benchmarks in product or order issues. I feel this is a testament to all the pre-effort as well as the uncompromising standards we set forth dating back to Feb of 2017 meeting across everyone involved. 

Where we are missing the mark - I will tell you now that the vast majority of sales that we have can be directly attributed to events and venues we have been set up at. From those we are exceeding standards for repeat customers the most. What this tells me is that when we have the ability to put product in a persons hands and talk about all the love and attention that went into it (as well as the designed purpose) that we are nailing it and making a great and positive impact on many lives. Inversely - this means I am not yet getting that same message and education to translate on this site. We are already well underway on efforts to address this (so please revisit in the coming weeks and take a look - as well as provide any feedback <Please>).

Another manner in which we are missing the mark - and coming from direct feedback from all of you - is our lack of product variety. It takes time to curate, re-invent, or create new toys. But no worries, we have a long list of toys and efforts that we have had in the hopper even well before the doors opened. Expect to see some wonderful new products grace our store over the coming weeks and months. Ideally we will have something new every few weeks to share.

Again - thank you ever so much for your patronage and support in what we are trying to do. We love all of you - and are thrilled to be here to serve you...

- Wicked Daddy