3 weeks into launch

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3 weeks into launch

Greeting All. For those I have not yet met at an event or for those who don't follow my personal blog , I have come to this point after a nearly two year road and starting from two personal points. 1) I have lived in these communities for most of my life and have written numerous different blogs as a "DIY Dom". I would teach and show how to create and make more functional sex toys (from Bondage to insertables) than one would typically find out there. and 2) I was finally FED UP with how the market keeps changing to crappier and crappier toys, designed and manufactured by those who don't obviously use them, and then marked up to the heavens and above. And so, I present to you Wicked Daddy Academy. Here we will curate what exists out there and offer what is good (and do so without the stupid markups). We will innovate and improve upon what needs tweaking. Numerous of our products are already like this from the Anal Plugs that aren't hollow likes most, but actually solid and weighing 3x more! to bringing back and improving upon toys like the Posture Collar or Impact cane. And finally, we will also CREATE toys that we all need. Thinks Like the Cobalt Corkscrew to even just common niche things like a LED glass dildo. Coming soon is a line of custom premium hand-made Leathers as well as hand made Wood paddles.

I hope you join us on this journey. Put your foot down on over paying for quality toys and stop guessing is what you just dropped hard-earned money will be worth the investment. If you are going to spend tons on toys, get more for your toybox for the same $ here.

Thank you!

Peace, Love, and Wickedness

- Wicked Daddy